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Taking back control of my feelings on Brexit

The Brexit result side swiped me. The arguments didn’t add up and whilst not all the rules of Club Europe seemed to be perfect, I believed it was better to be in the party, than left out in the cold.

On the day of Brexit, this is what I posted on Facebook which was shared over 1,400 times….

To everyone that wanted to take back control its time to jump out of bed. Come on you have work to do.

#1 take back control of our economy. Billions have been wiped off overnight just like those pesky experts said. You scoffed at the idea of an emergency budget so I can't wait to hear what the plan is.

#2 take back control of our rule making. Which of the 13% of legislation that we didn't have control over are you going to get stuck into first? Is it the bendiness of bananas or letting the energy efficiency of Dyson vacuums be reviewed. We're probably going to need to employ more civil servants and spend a bit more on our admin so we can take back control of making these key decisions. And I know how much confidence and trust there is in our own politicians and their decision making on schools, hospitals and public services right now.

#3 take back control of our NHS, leaving Europe was going to enable us to do this. So what's the plan to mitigate that there will not be the money to go around to fund it now we have just car crashed our economy.

#4 take back control of our jobs. Don't worry, those low paid jobs that no one wanted to do will still be there. So get yourself down to Costa Coffee or Sainsburys car park car wash. I don't think you'll need a CV.

#5 take back control of our borders. Yes you need to do this pretty quick as there is no incentive for our European friends to stop non EU migrants from landing on our shores. If we are taking control of our borders why the heck wouldn't the EU take care of theirs?

#6 take back control of making deals with our international partners. Can you advise me how I keep my people in jobs when one of my international clients tells me that the volatility of the economy means they will now not launch into the UK?

So come on everyone that wanted to take back control. Jog on you have work to do. You were sold the dream and you bought the dream.

It's now a reality so tell me how are you really going to take back control?

But I believe in democracy and I also believe Brexit was a wake-up call for all in the Westminster and media bubble to recognise that some communities are a world away from the middle class media metropolis. Brexit has always been positioned as a Tory infatuation, but that just does a disservice to the hundreds of thousands of people from all communities who clearly voted for change.

So, whilst I’d love to turn back the clock and go Back to the Future, the only option for me now can be to make sure that we deliver a Brexit that was promised. I don’t want a half way house now, I don’t want a ‘kind of want we had before’, but with less influence and more compromise. I don’t want a People’s Vote, we’ve had that already. I don’t want delay, I just want us to get the show on the road and start showing we mean business. That’s all I’ve been asking for since the 24 June 2016.

Unfortunately, all the architects of Brexit – walked away leaving a poisoned chalice for others to drink out of.

I respect the dogged determination of those that are trying to make the impossible happen, but we need to be pragmatic that we’re not going to get all that was promised. The arrogance that we can stride into Europe, having our cake and eating it is crazy. Europe can not make it easy for members to leave without consequence, or the whole union will fall apart. We have to be prepared for no deal – you can’t negotiate if you’re not prepared to walk away.

So what’s my position on Brexit? I’m in a place I never thought I would be – I want to take back control of Brexit and take back control of our money, our borders and our laws, and I can recognise how a Britain out of Europe will be able to seize new opportunities. I know there will be some turbulence to deliver Brexit, but like a plaster, we need to rip it off and get on with it.

There may be blood on the carpet, but the cost to democracy to not deliver on what people voted for would be far more fatal.


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