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Opportunity Spots

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

So my first blog has been inspired by my attendance at the Conservative Party Conference today. I’ve watched it on tv a few years running and with Conference returning to my back yard of Birmingham it seemed the perfect chance to see what really happens at the big event of the year.

Dipping my toe in the water, I only attended Wednesday, the last day of the Conference to see the Prime Minister’s key note. Respect for Theresa May, she’s fighting a battle on all fronts and she came out dancing, not afraid to humour the crowd – but more on her speech later.

The theme of the Conference was Opportunity and it was interesting to hear some great speakers, including Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General who was channeling a Churchillian persona to encourage the Conference to embrace the opportunity Brexit brings (Brexit for me requires a whole other blog post). Opportunity though was more powerfully articulated through the diversity of speakers – a disabled rights campaigner, a party activist who is also transgender and a huge commitment to increasing female representation in Westminister.

As someone who believes you can get on in this country if you’re prepared to give it a bit of welly, it brilliant to see how people from all backgrounds are making the most of their opportunity. And it didn’t appear that any of them went to Eton.

The May speech packed a lot in, she did more than an Abba tribute act and it was great to hear announcements on Cancer care, social housing and fuel duty which will make a real difference to everyone. Some humour too, “‘I’ve seen the trailer for Bodyguard and it wasn’t like that in my day”, she commented. Ok, she probably didn’t come up with that one herself, but she delivered the line without a cough and the audience responded in good spirits.

She thanked those that work in business and created jobs – the country needs entrepreneurs who make a difference in people’s lives everyday.

And she got me, hook, line and sinker.

I’ve been shouting at the tv for years, frustrated by politics and that I didn’t feel I can make a difference. I’ve channelled my efforts into growing my business and creating jobs in rural Leicestershire and Birmingham city centre and that has been hugely fulfilling (also very sweary and has involved burning the midnight oil).

Thanks to Theresa and some of the awesome speakers and people I met at the Conference, I’ve been inspired to start blogging and let’s take it from there. I’m really keen to see what people think, share views and be challenged, so that’s why I’ve started ‘the Political Spot’. And with Opportunity the theme of the Conference it seemed natural to title my first blog – Opportunity Spots.


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