The Political Spot is the personal blog channel for Rachel Roberts and guest bloggers.  When I’m not blogging, I’m running – on the school run, to work meetings or in the mum taxi, trying to juggle family life and run my own business, spottydog communications.

I’ve been drawn into political debate because I feel that it’s a way I can contribute to my community and encourage people to get out there, use their talents and realise their own potential.  We don’t have to wait for action, we can be in control of our own destiny and we live in an amazing country that gives us the opportunity to achieve, if you’re prepared to make it happen.

Working in business, I believe if we create a strong economy we have the best chance of protecting the vulnerable and can do our best to make sure that social services, mental health, education, criminal justice and rehabilitation can make a difference to the lives of people, their families and community.

I’m blogging to share my views and to be open about what I stand for, so I think its important to be transparent that I'm a member of the Conservative Party, but I welcome guest authors to blog on this site to and share their views, comments and opinions no matter what your political persuasion.  There is always another side to the story and I believe in free speech, so I welcome opposing views and to be challenged, but encourage comments to be framed around policies not personalities.  

Thanks for your interest, Rachel   


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